Ativan without prescription

Ativan also known as Lorazepam is an anxiety medication that slows the brain activity to allow for relaxation. This medication is similar to other benzodiazepines, and short-acting. This medication was originally developed by D.J. Richards who was the President of Research.

The brand names Ativan and Temesta weren’t actually introduced until Wyeth Pharmaceuticals did it in 1971. The original patent is expired however is still commercially viable. This medication has been marketed under over seventy different brand names since then.

Any individual taking this medication or is considering taking this drug should have full disclosures with his or her doctors on any previous and current medical conditions.

Mixing this medication with specific others can cause severe side effects and additional health problems. This medication can be habit forming so the consulting a doctor before the individual stops taking this medications is recommended.

Withdrawal systems can occur in about one-third of individuals who take this medication for longer than four weeks. This medication is not normally fatal however can be deadly if misused or taken with alcohol.

This medication is not well determined in children under the age of 18. The dose requirements are specific to each person especially for the elderly.

This medication can not only be used to help with anxiety but also to treat acute seizures so a doctor may prescribe this for children under 18 however it would be greatly watched.

Although there have been side effects this medication has been used for years successfully. It has assisted individuals with various medical problems. As with any medical condition and potential prescription a doctor and/or pharmacy should be consulted before taking any medications.

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